Wolverhampton beat Southampton

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Raul Jimenez returned to score for the first time in 11 months since sustaining a serious injury last season. be the winning goal Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Southampton 1-0 to claim second win of the season. Moved up to 11th place, the “Saints” army still have to find the first win of the game.

The English Premier League

The English Premier League match will be played on Sunday, September 26, 2021 at St Mary’s Stadium between Southampton and Wolverhampton Wanderers. 

    The start of the first half came only 47 seconds, Wolves almost took the lead quickly when Nelson Semedo slipped into the penalty area to hit with a right but not enough angle shot to go straight to Alex McCarthy smashed it. leave behind     After that, it was the visiting team who had more possession of the ball, had the opportunity to attack from time to time but still couldn’t penetrate the home defense line. 


    However, Southampton use a counter stroke And almost up to the 40th minute Nathan Redmond breaks the ball in the penalty area before turning back into the goal. But the assistant raised the flag in advance 

    Minutes later, the locals will continue to win from the melee rhythm in front of the penalty area, the ball comes into the gun of Adam Armstrong, has smoothed the focus, but goes straight to Jose Sa, received it. 

The rest of the “Saints” army, the game’s shape was better, but still didn’t score a goal, so the first half ended with both teams drawing 0-0.

    The second half of the game proceeded to the 55th minute. Southampton had a chance to win before Valentino Liframento inserted into the penalty area and focused on the first post. Jose Sa had to use his feet to save the back. narrow 

    Until the 61st minute, Wolves successfully led 1-0. Jose Sa put a long ball up from the front of the door for Raul Jimenez to collect the ball and drag it to focus in the penalty area, sending the ball Tung. net 

    after that is Southampton invading like a storm but almost never found a rhythm.

In stoppage time, 90 minutes + 5, Wolves almost got the second when Raul Jimenez came off the first post in front of the goal. Before deciding to hit a narrow corner to be safe, Alex McCarthy swept to the pole behind him.

    The rest of the time, both teams couldn’t do more. End of the game, Wolverhampton Wanderers defeated Southampton 1-0.