Sherwood suggests Varane should be removed from the defensive line

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Former Spurs midfielder Tim Sherwood believes Raphael Varane should be the one to be removed from Manchester United’s defence.

         The French national team center moved to the team last summer. It was highly anticipated after great success with Real Madrid and the French national team. But the pairing with Harry Maguire seems to make the team’s defensive ufabet game more problematic.

         In the past, the criticism was directed at the England captain. But in Sherwood’s point of view, Varane should have been taken off and paired Victor Lindelof with Maguire.

         “It’s a matter of centre-back coordination, Harry Maguire, better in pairing with Victor Lindelof,” Sherwood told Sky Sports.

         “If we talk about Raphael Varane, he should be taken off because he’s so bad. He hasn’t really been able to move since joining the club, you have Maguire defensively at half-time and Varane needs to defend from there. So the two of them don’t get along at all.”

         “When Lindelof played the night before [2-0 win over Brighton] United looked better, they looked good with the two of them working together.

         “It’s all about finding the best partner. But that manager must be strong about removing the champions players. League and World Champions leave the team.”