Lach reveals Wolves players ready to boost 3rd vaccine

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Bruno Lach, Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Reveal that the players in the team need 3 injections of the Covid-19 booster vaccine to prevent the new mutant virus.

According to the Daily Mail, wolves of the Midlands. It is one of the Premier League clubs. Whose players have been vaccinate against COVID-19. most with Leeds United.

Recently, Lach revealed that every Team members want to receive the 3rd dose of vaccine to boost immunity in the fight against Covid-19 new species.

“Everyone wants a third dose of the vaccine,” the Portuguese said.

“When I moved here to work, they (Wolves) gave me the opportunity to get vaccinate and I said yes.

“It is important to me because I have family in Portugal. And when I am on vacation I will go back to spend time with my wife and children. Which I vaccinated for that reason.”

Wolves were in trouble ahead of their clash with Chelsea after Fabio Silva and Jerson Mosquera tested positive for COVID-19. It came out positive last Saturday.

‘It was important for me because I have my family in Portugal. And when I have days off I go there to spend time with my wife and kids so I took my vaccinations for that.’

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has written to clubs, saying: ‘We have highlighted the importance of vaccination and it has never been more important.’