Klopp praises Brentford fighting well, deserves a point

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp deserves points after a 3-3 draw with his team, ready to point out that “Reds” are good at attacking, taking badly.

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool manager admits Brentford fought very well and deserved to split the points with his team after the Reds’ 3rd draw with the Bees. 3 in the English Premier League on Saturday 25 September. 

Brentford took the lead from Ethan Pinnock’s 27th-minute direct shot, but just four minutes later, Liverpool leveled to 1-1 via a strike from Diogo Jota before turning. Lead 2-1 early in the second half in the 53rd minute thanks to Mohamed Salah’s shot. 

However, Brentford fought impressively. And chased the away team successfully from Vitali Yanelt in the 63rd minute, but 4 minutes later, Liverpool took the lead again to 3-2 from Curtis Jones’ beat, which the victory seemed to be going to fall. of “Reds”, but in the 82nd minute, “The Bees” came to score a goal from Joan Wissa.

The draw gives Liverpool a single lead with 14 points from six games, leading second-placed teams Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and F. Verton, one point.

 “It’s a very fun game. They deserved all three goals with their way of playing. Today we can’t handle the long ball at all. But we should probably score more goals as well.”

 “They deserve the points, I don’t think you can control them any better. We create opportunities Many times it’s true But our defensive game didn’t take them either. This is what happened,” the 54-year-old German coach opened up after the game.