“Henderson” retrospectively lost to Emery 6 years before the start of the big swans

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has say. It was a good idea to face Unai Emery’s side at the European Championships six years ago. Saying it was good because of that disappointment. Is the drive to be enthusiastic and want some success. But the old account must be compounded.

‘Henderson’ was one of the ‘ Reds ‘ remaining members from the 2016 Europa League final and was defeated 3-1  by Emery ‘s Sevilla at the time ufabet.

Of course, after the defeat at St. Jacob ‘s Park in Basel. The players shuddered, wanting to drown their sorrows in the room , but Klopp summoned everyone to cheer , encourage each other. Until it became a strong family team culture like today.  

” This cousin of ours is a little different from what you’d expect , ” he said at a press conference ahead of the Villarreal semi- final first leg ( 27 April ) .

“ He had everyone gather in the ground floor area around the bar. Spend the night together Instead of being in someone’s room, it’s room. “

“ I could sense that you knew that was the beginning and spawned something special that was coming. ”

“ As a player it was very difficult to think about that at the time. When you just lost the final. But it was very different from what we had seen before. ” 

“ The events of that night must have fascinated me. You seem to know what was going to happen in the next few years. And then I could sense that my cousin was the one who made it. ” 

“ You have proven that the night of consolation is the beginning of something special. ” 

From then on, the ‘ Reds ‘ began to hunt for the championship, starting from the Premier League Asia Trophy. That was mocked in the first pre – season 2017, follow by the final of the PSC 2018, the Champions League 2019, champion U. FA Super Cup 2019 , FIFA Club World Cup 2019, English Premier League 2020 , Carabao Cup 2022

and roasted 3 more items this season, including the FA Cup final. The English Premier League champion and the Champions League playoffs