Henderson admits Liverpool still has a lot to improve

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has admitt that the club were unable to secure a win over Brentford and praise the opposition for playing well.

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson regrets his side’s failure to secure a win over Brentford. Adding that there is still room for improvement. and praise to competitors

Liverpool only managed to draw 3-3 with Brentford, with them falling 1-0 down before Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah netted. “Reds” overtake the lead 2-1, although the home team was able to equalize again, but Curtis Jones came to hit far outside the box for Liverpool to lead the battle 3-2, but finally came back to hit Yo’s best. Anne Wissa leads Brentford to share points    After the game, Henderson gave an interview to Sky Sports, a leading city media outlet, that he was disappointed that the agency was unable to win in this game. “It was a stressful game. We already knew that would be the case.”

“It’s a difficult field to visit. It has a great atmosphere. And they put us through difficult tasks. To be leading twice and not winning is disappointing for us.”

“At 2-1 we had two chances to close the game. So it gave them a little hope. Sometimes football is like this. We are disappointed with the result. But we also have to give credit to Brentford.”