Fulham has named ’13-year-old handicapped boy’ as the club’s honorary player

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Fulham has named ’13-year-old handicapped boy’ as the club’s honorary player. Humiliation, mockery or bullying, whether in daily life or online. It is what the world society sees as a problem in society and Fulham. The English League club, would like to join in calling for an end to this problem. In offering a special opportunity to one of the team’s newly encountered fans.

Rhys Porter, a 13-year-old boy born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, is a Fulham fan. NS and has a dream of becoming a goalkeeper in which he post a clip that his family members Film a save of his goal while playing in the front yard on TikTok. But he was violently bullied by some online people via comments. until you have to set up an account @rhys_the_wall his private Not open to people to have access to watch the clip.

But while some people were cruel to him. There is also another group of people who are ready to embrace. both the England national team. Who invited him to see Wembley Stadium Ready to meet with the handicap players of the England national team. Including the team he supports like Fulham that has given many occasions a unique opportunity. It start as a special guest for the home team game against Reading on September.

Most recently, Fulham put the name of Reiss Porter as an honorary player for the first team on the club’s website. By becoming the number 1 player with the same number as Marek Rodak. The Slovak goalkeeper Ready to invite him to the training ground to meet the big players in the whole team. And practiced in the position of goalkeeper with Rodak and Paolo Gazzaniga as well.

Vice-captain Tim Ream is one of the players. Who met with Rees Porter before opening up to the club that “People see professional players as role models and inspiration. but for me. What Reese did It’s even more inspiring than we’ve ever done.”

The Rees family also launched a fundraising campaign for people with disabilities. Currently, it can raise more than 15,000 pounds or about 686,000 baht from the goal of 5,000 pounds or 229,000 baht.