Frank optimistic hopes Eriksen will sign Brentford

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Brentford head coach Thomas Frank is also optimistic about a contract extension with Christian Eriksen, who has now received offers from various leagues.

Eriksen signed with Brentford at the end of January. It is a short-term contract until the end of this season only. After the termination of the contract with Inter Milan as a result of experiencing an acute cardiac arrest. who had a shock crash on the field in the Euro 2020 ufabet game in June last year.

“We want to continue working with everyone, including Christian Eriksen, but I don’t know yet.” “I believe there is a good chance. But there is a risk that he might sign for another club as well.” “He wants to spend time with his family. and decide what to do next I am an optimist. So I always have confidence. But we still don’t know anything yet.”

“And the addition of the squad to improve the squad, probably not much, one or two,” Frank said of the work to be done this summer. Previously, Eriksen gave an interview as if he was still open to all possibilities. Even in the heart desires to play with the championship team Experienced the Champions League game but didn’t rule out the chance to repay Brentford for another season.