Bundesliga Top Scorers

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After scoring in the German Bundesliga game has continued. Finally, the fervor of Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is stop on Friday, September 24 as he fail to score in the club’s win. Greuther Furth 3-1 ended 15 of his successive league goals.

However, Bundesliga although Lewandowski’s continuous shooting in the league this round has come to an end. His 15th-game winning streak is an impressive performance. Because not every player can do that. Only a handful of players have managed to score in at least 15 consecutive league games.

    However, today we will take a look at who has been the top 3 consecutive league shooters all the time. And how many shots they fired in a row?

3rd place: 15 games – Robert Lewandowski (2021), Stan Mortensen (1950-51), Tor Henning Hamre (2003), Joseph Mar Tinez (2019)

Yes, Lewandowski’s work has landed him joint 3rd on the chart. He has scored in the league from Bayern’s 3-3 draw with Arminia Bielefeld on February 15 to the 7-0 thrashing of Bochum on September 18. past

Mortensen is a former England striker at Blackpool, where he recorded this record when playing in England’s first division games (equivalent to the current Premier League). He scored 15 straight games for Estonia’s top-flight club Flora, while Venezuelan striker Martinez Made this record while playing for Atlanta United, the top-flight team in the United States.

2nd place: 16 games – Gerd Muller (1969-70), Theodore Peterek (1937-38)

Muller is known to be one of the toughest forwards. Of football, his record of 654 goals in 716 games at club level throughout his playing career is a testament to that. His most consecutive shots took place between September 27, 1969 and March 3, 1970, with 16 games in a row.

1st place: 21 games – Lionel Messi (2012-13)

On 11 November 2012, Messi’s brutal performance with two goals helped the team to a victory over Real Mayor. Ka 4-2, which at that time many people were not very excited. Because the Argentinian star is a great player who has already scored substantial goals.