Bruno opens up after missing a penalty in injury time

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Bruno Fernandes has revealed his feelings on social media after a penalty miss meant Manchester United miss out on a draw against Aston Villa in stoppage time.

 Manchester United’s Portuguese playmaker Bruno Fernand revealed his feelings on personal Instagram. Saying he was disappoint. but insists that it will continue to take on this duty

    In the Premier League game at Old Trafford on Saturday evening, Manchester United fell 1-0 behind Aston Villa. With the Red Devils scoring a point in stoppage time. Blame, but Bruno, the regular assassin, flew the ball over the crossbar in an unbelievable way. The hosts lost to Villa 0-1.  Which the 27-year-old footballer has come out to open his heart through personal IG by long-talking about the feeling of missing out on this one. “Nobody compresses and disappointed in missing the penalty and ended up losing more than me.”

“I have always been responsible for this duty. And I am willing to face under pressure during times like this. which I made a mistake today But I’ll be looking forward and face challenges. With ambition And it’s the same responsibility as it used to send the ball into the bottom of the net.”

“Criticism and dissent is an important part of football. I learned to live with it. even using that to drive myself. And I see them all as an important part of my never-ending commitment to improvement. And becoming the best player I can be for myself and for the team.”

    “Today is once again taking on this responsibility that I have done for most of my time at United and I will do it again without any fear when taking this responsibility.”

    “The most important thing for me to win together. I will do everything I can to help my teammates. and the club to the best we can be.”

    “I am the type of player who gives everything on the field with passion. and great commitment Which is what I will continue to do.”

 Thank you for all your support after the game. Hearing you guys shout my name on the pitch was a very touching feeling. I will come back stronger Because this is the standard that I uphold. But above all is the teammates. and our fans who have always supported them.”